by Abyss Walker

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Abyss Walker's Debut Ep "The Consumed"

All Audio Recorded and Engineered by
Sammy SlamDance @ SlamDance Studios - Murfreesboro TN


released March 12, 2017

Written by Kevin Cupp, Sam Schneider, Robbie Bingham, Spencer Moore, Norma Ragan



all rights reserved


Abyss Walker Nashville, Tennessee

Aggressive S*#t


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Track Name: AfterTaste (Feat. Austin Eatmon)

Lets take it from the top
these mother fuckers
have been fucking up fucking up
Shit where we sleep
Where we eat
Where we live
Bathe in the waste
That consumes our skin

(Austin Eatmon)
Fuck us dry
Drained like hides in the heat
So fucking special, singular and unique
Look through their eyes
To them we are sheep
Divided up, Washed, skinned
For our meat

Live in constant pain

Passing chances manifest in our lives
To blind to see
we deserve to die

We cant feel shit
we couldnt even taste it
just to fucking be sick of this

So fuck us dry
then drain our minds
Eventually inheret our worth

So god damn special
so fucking unique
Flushing facts with the lies that's we seek

With each tasking second were all wasting away
The worlds been fucked, filled with hate
Fuck living in a world ruled by greed and dispair
Click delete Let me die
Im just fucking out of air

So far gone
Living lies id rather die than be waste
With that said, to rest my head
On an early grave

(Austin Eatmon)
So fucking special
Singular and unique
We deserve what we get
since we shit where we sleep


(Austin , Sam)
With each passing second
Were all wasting away

This worlds been fucked
and filled with hate

Fuck living in a world ruled by greed and despair

Click delete
Let me die
I'm just running out of air
Track Name: Intoxicant (Feat. James Martin)
twitching tongue, gritting teeth
soothing burn,
cant stop pacing
cant stop shaking
from the yearn
an ingesting warmth starts breeding
a disease cant stop feeding
thinking back on stories
i cannot help but to worry

as my vision blurs
my nerves frenzy in ecstasy
as my vision blurs
pain becomes euphoria

this disease wont let me sleep

i cant keep my mind at ease
head starts pounding
heart stops beating
i fear its only getting worse

ill turn from you
as i turn from me to something
i dont fucking want to be

ill turn from you
to these habits doused in sadness
that take a hold of me

ill turn from you
i never gave a fuck if i died today

clawing screaming somethings seeping
making its way from my
inner being

fermented tension overcomes my thoughts
begin descending to an unconcious state

i cant feel me
i cant feel anything

ive lost all sight
lost all time
is this an intoxicant thats poisoning my mind
together we will spend an eternity
ill turn on you
ill turn
Track Name: Leather Bound (Feat. Nick Cross)
you cant escape
when fiction is forced to reality
pursuing myths to stay alive
id rather die

since infancy shunning facts ,
life became an act
of perpetual evasion.

seeking first the comfort of his own
useless fabrications

you cannot run
you cannot hide
as we postpone
our own revelations.

taste blood
taste the body
walk on Water
Just try not to drown

taste the sweet fruit of the tree
this hurts you more than me
oh sweet chariot take me home
i cant bare to be alone

branded by the beast
cause you wont bare the cross
branded for you knowledge
cause your Faith is a loss
hipocrosy is beaten in me
by leather bound diary

covered in the lies as sores
on the tongue of a whore
when the droughts in the fathers temple

Breathe in to me

swallowing the ties like the
boat in the tide
without oars to be torn
from the horns of the beast

Breathe into me

open up your mind
for the feast of the swine
to be lead by the dead
of good intentions

Breath into me

beat the hipocrosy in me
with your leather bound diary
Track Name: Insentient (Feat. Sam Screams Keatts)
i cant move
i cant breath
no end in sight for this agony
ive died 1000 times
but its still killing inside

thrashing violently
but still no one answers me
i just continue down this road
of self immortality

leave a fractured shell behind
this isnt me
ive spilled my guts on frames that rust
ripping on my inner self

i scream i scream
crying out for any empathy
i scream i scream
death is the only one here for me

ive choked on dreams of infamy
just like the dead inside of me
casted out for the violent side of me
i can taste the truth inside of me

i spilled my
ive splieed my guts

the blank canvases behind
out of sight out of fucking mind

ive never seen
ive never felt
i dint liked the cards you dealt
ive always tried
youve always lied
about the motions that you felt
you left me bleeding
wasnt breathing
some day soon
ill stop dreaming
but till then
i cant stop being

out of sight out of fucking mind
Track Name: Chasm (Feat. Matt Childers)
incantations grow
gnited by desire
desperation seeking to engulf the fire
those constrained
by the burdens they bare
peaceful movements fill the realm fueled by fear

sheer violence
fight or flight
imaginary preadator
crawl throughout our minds
none are safe from the land of the shade

is near

messengers of false hope leading their flock into everlasting bliss
none are saved from the land of shade
gather gather

no matter our existence
the fate is the same
no matter our existence
were bound by the same chain

we belong to the land of forgot
deities of choirs have rot
screaming wails satisfying the land
the only thing that survives is the sand

soil sucks a plethora of seeping waste
carcass swing of the human race
scorching flames soften meat to bone
no one ever died from a fairy tale alone

darkness becomes
a tangible thing
a time a place
we all rot in vain
our end is near

weve ended here
incantations grow
gnited by desire
desperation seeking to engulf the fire
those constrained
by the burdens they bare
peaceful movements fill the realm fueled by fear