by Abyss Walker

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First single from Abyss Walkers new ep "The Consumed"



Lets take it from the top
these mother fuckers
have been fucking up fucking up
Shit where we sleep
Where we eat
Where we live
Bathe in the waste
That consumes our skin

(Austin Eatmon)
Fuck us dry
Drained like hides in the heat
So fucking special, singular and unique
Look through their eyes
To them we are sheep
Divided up, Washed, skinned
For our meat

Live in constant pain

Passing chances manifest in our lives
To blind to see
we deserve to die

We cant feel shit
we couldnt even taste it
just to fucking be sick of this

So fuck us dry
then drain our minds
Eventually inheret our worth

So god damn special
so fucking unique
Flushing facts with the lies that's we seek

With each tasking second were all wasting away
The worlds been fucked, filled with hate
Fuck living in a world ruled by greed and dispair
Click delete Let me die
Im just fucking out of air

So far gone
Living lies id rather die than be waste
With that said, to rest my head
On an early grave

(Austin Eatmon)
So fucking special
Singular and unique
We deserve what we get
since we shit where we sleep


(Austin , Sam)
With each passing second
Were all wasting away

This worlds been fucked
and filled with hate

Fuck living in a world ruled by greed and despair

Click delete
Let me die
I'm just running out of air


released February 3, 2017
All Audio Engineered by Sam Schneider of Slam Dance Studios



all rights reserved


Abyss Walker Nashville, Tennessee

Aggressive S*#t


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